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Iris is a 4 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Fort Worth, Texas. Her owner likes to take his dog to work with him and needed a little more control of this goofy puppy. After completing our Polite Puppy Board and Train Program Iris is now on her way to being a well mannered dog. […]

We understand the effect COVID-19 is having on our community. As a result, K9 League is happy to work with all of our pet parents regarding modified travel plans. We will continue to operate normally and welcome any pets who are in need of training exercise and socialization in a clean and safe environment. As […]

Here is what Hatten’s and Orlando’s owner had to say: Amber and Korri are the absolute BEST in the training world. I sent my two Australian Shepherd/Labrador mix puppies for the Puppy Board & Train program. My pups went for the 30 day program wild and crazy, peeing on everything in sight. After 30 days […]


Delta is a 5 month old sheepadoodle from Kennedale, Texas. Delta was your typical doodle puppy. She had a lot of energy, wouldn’t listen, fussed in her crate all night, and had a lot of puppy biting. Delta’s owners even said “good luck” when we picked her up. After completing our Polite Puppy Board and […]

Winston and Lily are two one and a half year old Saint Bernard Doodles from Dallas, Texas. These two weigh about 100 lbs each and were quite the handful! Their owner couldn’t walk them without being pulled. Their kids couldn’t walk them at all! They jumped and got excited with new people coming over and […]

Aussie Doodle Training Dallas

Norman is a 16 week old Aussie Doodle front Trophy Club, Texas. Being such a young a puppy, Norman was full of energy! He would jump and puppy bite his family. This little guy could not sit still and just wanted to play play play! After completing our Polite Puppy Board and Train Program, Norman […]


Buster is a 5 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback from Dallas, Texas. When his owners contacted us Buster was busting up their house! He was having potty training issues and peeing on their rugs. He was jumping, puppy biting, and chewing in the house. After completing our Polite Puppy Board and Train Program, Buster is now […]

Lucy is a five month old pit bull puppy from Burleson, Texas. Lucy would pull her owners around like crazy, jump on everyone, and wouldn’t listen at all. After completing our Polite Puppy Board and Train Program, Lucy is a well mannered pup. She walks politely and listens to commands now!

Hattan (multi color) and Orlando (Blk/white) are 16 week old Aussie/Labrador mix puppies from Hurst, Texas. These little puppies came in for help with their manners. They refused to walk on leash and would flail around, hide, and pout when their owner tried to walked them. Both of them were also a little nervous about […]


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