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We were finally able to walk her without worrying that there was going to be a situation…

We were clients of K9 League several years ago. Our Maddie, who passed away in July, received training for dog aggression. Her receiving this training kept our family together.

I will address a few comments made in other postings based on my own experience.

Dog abuse: during Maddie’s stay, I received photos and videos of where she was kept, the training facility, and being taken to Home Depot. I never suspected any wrong doing. She came back several pounds heavier and more muscular than she left. The use of a shock collar: On our first visit before they took Maddie, I tested the same shock collar on myself. The level I tested on myself was higher than the level that was actually used on her. It startled me more than hurt me. She was seen by our Vet immediately after receiving her back and the vet gave her a perfect report card for health and behavior. Maddie had very soft hair that matted easily, none of which existed on her when receiving her back.

Expensive: yes, it’s “expensive”. It is 100% worth it and we would send our other dogs to be trained with them, again. Training to properly handle aggressive dogs requires resources. For what we paid and what we received, I feel it was more than a fair price.

Owner: I had nothing but pleasant conversations with Amber and her team. They always communicated with me and any questions or concerns I had were answered.

When returned to us, Maddie had a purpose. She felt like she was working. She loved putting on her training leash and collar. We were finally able to walk her without worrying that there was going to be a situation.

A review would not be honest without at least one negative remark. For us, that would be that we never received the follow-up training. It wasn’t a mandatory thing for us because our trainer allowed me to record the commands and body movements that I could reference. He spent over an hour making sure I was comfortable enough to handle the at-home training that is required. There was checking-in and I’m sure that if we had said something wasn’t working, the follow-up would have happened.

Please don’t expect for trainers to train your pet and to not have to do the work too. It requires following through and consistency. I have sent many friends and strangers to K9 League and all have had positive experiences. Thank you!

*Attached is a picture of Maddie the day after she came home at the Vet’s office. The second is a picture that would not be in existence had we not sent her.
– Baylen Haley


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