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Success Stories

Lucy is a five month old pit bull puppy from Burleson, Texas. Lucy would pull her owners around like crazy, jump on everyone, and wouldn’t listen at all. After completing our Polite Puppy Board and Train Program, Lucy is a well mannered pup. She walks politely and listens to commands now!

Hattan (multi color) and Orlando (Blk/white) are 16 week old Aussie/Labrador mix puppies from Hurst, Texas. These little puppies came in for help with their manners. They refused to walk on leash and would flail around, hide, and pout when their owner tried to walked them. Both of them were also a little nervous about […]

LOVE K9 League! Amber and Stevo are the best for little dog training, private, and board/training. I did several private sessions at my house with Stevo and my Jack (Boston Terrier/Mini Schaunzer mix). I ended up sending him to board and train as I was not going to be in town due to work travels. […]

I highly recommend K9 league. Our Jack Russell, Harvey, was extremely aggressive towards dogs. He was aggressive to all dog breeds, sizes, male, and female. It got so bad that we became nervous to take him out of the house. We had tried another trainer and got no where. We found K9 league and were […]

Macy is a one year old Australian Shepherd from Fort Worth, Texas. Macy was super hyper and jumped on everyone she met. This little girl just couldn’t sit still. Her owner was unable to walk her anywhere. He really wanted her to travel with him l and be involved in his life more. After completing […]

Murph is a one year old Rhodesian Ridgeback from Fort Worth, Texas. Murph was a big old goofball when we met him and his owners had no control of his goofy behavior. They were unable to walk him and he was a counter surfer when they cooked dinner. After completing our Adult Dog Board and […]


Teddy is a 6 month old miniature poodle puppy from Fort Worth, Texas. Teddy goes everywhere with his owner and needed some fine tuning on his manners. He would bite at his owners legs to play and wouldn’t listen to them. Teddy completed our Polite Puppy Board and Train Program. He now has great manners, […]

After two months we got our sweet Hans back from boarding and training. Before he went I was physically unable to walk him because of his strength and size. He would pull me all over the place. I was very worried that with his love of “chasing cars” it would end up taking him from […]

Tucker is a one year old Australian Shepherd from Garland, Texas. Tucker struggled with being too friendly. He would jump and dive bomb every new person he met. Tucker’s owner also wanted to be able to do more with her dog, as she lives an active lifestyle. After completing our Off Leash Board and Train […]

Riley, Blue, and Lucy are three 6 month old black Labrador retrievers from Colleyville, Texas. These three siblings were wild and driving their owner crazy! They would jump on people, pull on their leashes, and needed to be potty trained! Now the owner can walk these three sisters with ease! Now they are well mannered […]


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