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Dog Training Success Stories

She learned how to ring a doorbell to go potty…

    Ruby is a five month old Labrador Retriever from Forney, Texas. Ruby came into us as an exuberant young puppy! She pulled her mom all over town on leash and thought jumping was her only way to make friends!   With our Polite Puppy Board and Train she is now on her way […]

Now She has Leash Manners…

  Stella is a 6 month old Great Dane puppy from Saginaw, Texas. Stella came in for her jumping and being hyper active. She was major counter surfer and even caught her owners kitchen on fire!     After completing our Polite Puppy Board and Train Stella is now a polite goofy puppy. She has […]

Now He is Polite Around Dogs and People

Fletcher is a one and a half year old Golden Retriever from Irving Texas. Fletcher was a pretty rowdy guy! Fletcher would jump, bark and get so excited to see everyone that he would almost knock you over with his love!       Fletcher also struggled with pulling on his leash. Fletcher has a […]

Now he can go with his owners to numerous dog friendly places around Fort Worth…

Toby is a 5 year Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Fort Worth Texas. Toby came into us for obsessive barking and to learn some basic obedience. His owners were struggling to take him places due to his barking. With our help Toby now successfully can go with his owners to numerous dog friendly places.

Her puppy biting has stopped!!!

Dooley is a 6 month old Bernesedoodle (cross between Standard Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog) from Keller Texas. Dooley’s owners were at their wits end with her “crimes against humanity” as they put it. She was jumping, digging, counter surfing and her biggest struggle was her puppy biting! She may have been a piranha in […]

Now she is able to sit still…

Riley is a six month old black lab puppy from Fort Worth Texas that came into us when her family was struggling to handle her hyper behavior. Riley was stealing items around the house and chewing them, jumping all over the furniture and her owners, and was pulling on leash to the point of injuring […]

Now she walks politely on leash…

Bellamy is a doodle from downtown Dallas Texas. Her owners were struggling with her puppy biting and destructive behavior in the house. After completing our Polite Puppy Board and Train she has not only stopped her puppy bites and chewing in the house, she now walks politely on leash and doesn’t bolt doors which is […]

Now he is able to go to dog friendly restaurants…

Eggs Benedict is a 2 year old English Bulldog from Dallas Texas that came into us for severe dog reactivity. When Eggs was a puppy he was attacked by another dog which caused him to show aggression towards new dogs. His owners who live in a very dog friendly loft in Dallas were struggling to […]

Amber Loves Dogs and is Dedicated

Amber has years of knowledge and extensive training. She gave us very helpful tips on nutrition for my dog. Really opened my eyes to what I had been feeding and how it could make a big difference. She really loves dogs and has a dedication that can never be found at a big box store’s […]