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Some of your questions answered!

Am I the right trainer for you?
Teaching your dog to learn how to behave is our job. We love it! And work hard at it. What we offer is something truly unique: We break down the walls that are keeping you from living the best life with your dog, and then we rebuild from the ground up, together. This training is intense and life changing. Working with us means you have to bring as much to the table as we do (and we bring a lot!). We are selective on the clients we serve. You have to be willing to work hard and commit to make the changes in your life that need to be made, and follow our training advice 100% of the time. If you are ready to go the distance with your dog, willing to put the time, effort and continue the guidance and advice you receive while training with us, then we are off to a great start!

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What are the advantages of Board & Train programs?
Our top programs offer several advantages:
• Your dog stays at a trainer’s house and lives with them as “one of their dogs”, as opposed to staying at a crowded kennel. This will help your dog learn in a home setting, where most of the obedience or behavior issues happen.
• Your dog receives training throughout the whole day, learning daily routines such as potty breaks, doorbells, doorways, household manners, obedience drills, feeding times, socialization with other humans and animals, as well as outdoor and indoor practice with various distance and distractions to make sure your dog learns not only valuable obedience skills, but most importantly, how to behave and become a part of your family and enjoy every day activities with you.
• We limit the amount of dogs we train to a select number. This allows us to better focus on your dog, and ensures your dog gets the training and attention they deserve.
• These programs are ideal for today’s busy families and individuals, as it requires only that you maintain the training once the dog completes our program.
• These programs are also ideal for dogs that require specialized training due to fear, aggression, biting, etc., as it allows us to focus on helping your dog make better choices and regaining their confidence.

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How do I know which program is right for my dog?
Deciding if your dog would benefit from private lessons or a board and train comes down to two main factors: your dog’s behavioral issues and/or the lifestyle and availability of your family.

Board and train programs are incredible for achieving outstanding obedience, behavior modification, and solid results with your dog in a short period of a few weeks. During your dog’s stay we do a lot of the “heavy lifting” by working with your dog multiple times per day, teaching basic obedience, off-leash e-collar training, socialization with other dogs/people/animals, and in some cases behavior modification. Your dog is challenged daily around distractions (like other dogs, public places, and new people) which is a huge part of the “real world success” of this program. This is what we do for a living, and your dog’s behavior, obedience, and improvement is top priority everyday! When your dog goes home, they will have their obedience training foundation and a new, calmer, tuned in, obedient, and more polite state of mind–as an owner, you just have to apply the training and follow through (they already know their stuff, you just keep up with it! We supply you with thorough after training protocols and we are always available to you with any questions). Severe behavior modification cases are strictly board and train; if you have questions about this, please feel free to contact us!

Private Lesson programs are an opportunity for you and your dog to learn together at the same time! In a sense YOU are really the dog trainer (not us), because once a week we work together for an hour, but you become the teacher at home. After our lessons you become the dog trainer as you teach, proof, and apply the things we’ve covered with your dog during the week. The success of your dog’s training lies in your ability to practice training, setting boundaries, and following the rules we give you multiple times daily. Ultimately you have the opportunity to have a dog with precision behaviors and obedience (close to what they would achieve in a board and train with us) in a matter of 4-8 weeks as long as you put in the work! The more time and challenges you dedicate to your dog’s training, the better your results will be! Remember, it’s your effort that makes or breaks your dog’s success.

Because many people work full time jobs, long hours, and have very busy lifestyles that don’t lend themselves to dog training an hour or so per day, the Board and Train becomes a great (and highly recommended) option. That said, if you’re willing to put in the work and have the time, private lessons may be right for you!

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Can I visit my dog while they are in training?
YES! We want our owners to participate. It is mandatory that owners come out and work with their dog while in training. Trying to cram in everything your dog has learned in one go home lessons is beyond overwhelming for owners and the dog. With behavior cases we find that the owners also need a little rehab time with their dog… time to reconnect and learn what their dog was needing from them. There’s a method to the madness, we promise! And part of that method is to have your dog fully immersed in our training first. Then we set multiple owner training visits. Please participate in your dogs training!!

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If you train my dog, will it listen to me?
YES! We would like to compare this to summer camp for kids. Yes, they are away for a few weeks, learn some neat stuff and get to meet other friends. But when they come back home they recognize you as the parent or older sibling. Dogs are the same way! In fact we have actually seen dogs obeying the owner better than they obey us after training!

When your dog returns home, we will spend plenty of time making sure you and all your family are comfortable and confident with how to handle your dog and their new skills. All our customers get lifetime follow up help via our exclusive Facebook group and email support.

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What Kind Of Tools Do You Use?

We use a variety of training tools, which include:

We only use top of the line, professionally crafted equipment in our training programs, and quickly replace any tool that isn’t in good condition. Poorly manufactured and defective equipment is one of the reasons dogs can become injured during training, and where some of the urban myths have surfaced about dog training equipment, in particular prong collars and e-collars.

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How do these tools work?
Take a look at these videos, they show some of our tools in action! :

This video shows a dog that starts to bark at another dog, but with the help of the bark collar he calms down and stops his aggression.

This video shows a bad dogfight about to happen. See how quickly and easily the pet convincer worked to prevent injuries to the dog!

Awesome fellow trainer, Tori, explaining the ins and outs of the pet convincer

This shows how a prong collar helped a timid dog overcome its fears!

Take a look at one of our awesome mentors, and world-renowned trainer Sean O’sea, showing what’s possible with a prong collar.  It’s a long video, but totally worth watching!

Great video by Mendota explaining how a slip lead can be used

Using a whistle to train dogs is easy, and it’s amazing the results you can get! Watch this video of a new pup learning how to return to its owner with just a whistle.

Watch how in just 10 minutes, with the help of an e-collar, an out of control pit bull is able to turn into a calm, relaxed dog.

E-collar works even on small and fearful dogs! Watch this amazing transformation.

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Why do you use these tools?
These tools are the mainstay of modern dog training, and the same tools that top trainers around the world rely on to produce amazing results. They are very effective in allowing your dog to become more balanced. They are not intended to intimidate your dog, but rather, to guide it to make better choices, and allowing them to reach their full potential. See “how do these tools work” to see these tools in action.

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Are electric collars safe?


The digital technology built into the design of a modern electronic collar is very similar to what medical professionals use in neuromuscular therapy.  The collar does not generate heat and it cannot burn a dog or person, and even has features built in that reduce accidental triggering or intentional abuse.

Cesar Milan, perhaps the world’s most renowned dog trainer, uses electric collars in his training. Here’s a small video of him not only explaining how the electric collar works, but using it on a dog!

Watch video here!

I’ve heard that prong collars and shock collars will hurt and traumatize my dog…
We like to think of dog training tools like medicine. You wouldn’t take pills or medications without consulting a doctor or without their guidance, right?. Doing it on your own is just asking for trouble! In the hands of a professional, prong and e-collars are unique, humane and effective methods to guide your dog to make the right choices. They are never used to intimidate or injure a dog. We use these tools on our own dogs, and they have allowed us to transform them into some amazing companions. We will never use a tool or technique on your dog that we have not used on our very own pups.

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I have my own dog training equipment. Can I bring it instead of using yours?
We only use our equipment in our training. This isn’t to make money, but it’s one of our ways to make sure that your dog receives the best (and safest) training available. We strictly use top of the line, professionally crafted equipment in our training programs, and quickly replace any tool that isn’t in good condition. Poorly manufactured and defective equipment is one of the reasons dogs can become injured during training, and where some of the urban myths have surfaced about dog training equipment, in particular prong collars and e-collars.

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What style of dog training do you use?
Our training isn’t based on a single method or approach. Like humans learn in various ways, every dog is unique. And like humans, you can’t fit all of them into a predetermined training style. Our training belief is that training is a constant process, which is why we focus on lifestyle-based training.
From positive rewards, to proper usage of collars, to using and learning how body language, voice and our movement can influence behavior, marker training, and even a combination of all. We have been fortunate enough to learn from many great trainers in various disciplines, from military K9, to hunting sports and from behavior modification specialists, which allows us to have a better understanding of the tools and techniques of the craft. The most effective level of training comes from a balance between rewarding/encouraging good choices, and correcting/discouraging poor choices.

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Do you offer group classes?
We do not offer group classes at this time. While there are many benefits from group classes, we currently focus our training on a 1-on-1 basis. This allows us to devote our undivided attention to you and your dog. Our individual training approach is one of the reasons we are able to accomplish amazing results in just a few short weeks. We do offer advanced group classes for our graduates.

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What is your training philosophy?
As a dog trainers, We feel it’s our duty to become familiar with every method available, and approach each dog with an open mind, so we can use what works best with a particular dog. No dog is the same!
With this in mind, we strive to follow this principle:
The right tool / technique
At the right time
At the right place
For the right dog

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Does this training work for small dogs?

Yes! The awesome thing about our balanced approach is that it works with small dogs, big dogs, stubborn dogs, and any dogs!

Watch Tori, a fellow dog trainer transform a very tiny fearful dog into a rock star:


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