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Being able to see him so confident and happy makes me feel really good…

I just received my Bubba back from a 4 week stay with Amber and her trainers and am eager to post my review.

First, it is night and day difference with my 1 year old lab on the leash and he also seems to recognize his name now which is AWESOME. We have already seen a lot of positive improvements in so many ways.

Second, I appreciate that the K9 league crew trains dogs using correction AND positive enforcement. I am able to tell my dog “no” and he now understands what he is doing is wrong. I see this being very advantageous when we are out in public and an unpredictable situation comes up where I need him to immediately stop doing something. Positive reinforcement is great but I want my dog to mind when I say no and was looking for this in a training program. I am highly satisfied with how he responds to “no” without any physical enforcement and this gives me a lot of peace of mind for taking Bubba out and about.

Third, my dog is the same lovable, goofy boy he was when I dropped him off with Devonte. I watched his interactions with Devonte and Prince when we would do the hands on training together and could easily see my dog loved those guys (and their treats), enjoyed their companionship, and there was no indication of any abuse whatsoever at any point in time.

Lastly, communication wasn’t what I expected because I felt like I was separated from my child and wanted lots of updates which I didn’t get. However, the trainers are available to meet with you in-person (I am assuming as regular as you want) which eased my concerns a lot, provided me with the updates I wanted, and allowed me to see his progress. Texts were always replied in the same day but not immediately. So, basically I took it that they were busy being hands on with the dogs and not playing on their phones all day which is ideal. Once I learned to trust that everything was ok, this was a non-issue for me. The fact we could meet in person frequently counted for a lot and helped a lot with my own learning with how to continue the work they started with Bubba.

So I am giving 5 stars because they earned it and in effort to outweigh the slanderous reviews that made my shopping for a board and train program hard and initially interfered with my trust. I don’t know who had my dog before I found him or what they did to him but he was timid and confused when we brought him home. I had no idea how to work with him but he was super sweet and I knew he could be a great dog. Being able to see him so confident and happy makes me feel really good and I know I made a good investment sending him to this training program. It is obvious the k9 leaguers are committed to what they do, are experts at what they do, and take good care of the dogs in their care.

Thank you guys so much—Bubba and I look forward to keep working with yall!
– Jessica Cassidy


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