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The result has been nothing short of miracle…

We were hopeless and devastated when we called K9 League. Tyson our sweet, beautiful 120 lb shepherd had become increasingly difficult to handle. He would aggressively bark at people, got into dog fights, would snap at people, and bit 3 people.

We consulted aggressive dog trainers in the area and were told he was basically a “loaded gun” and always would be. Rehoming was not an option. Euthanasia was recommended. We were heartbroken. Faced with this impossible situation we began to isolate him more and more and felt trapped in our home having to watch him all of the time to make sure he wouldn’t hurt anyone while we wrestled with the inevitable. After months of dealing with the situation we realized we couldn’t continue to live that way nor could Tyson.

We scheduled a time for him to be euthanized. We kept hoping for a miracle and kept wishing we had access to a trainer like Caser Millan (the dog whisperer) or Matt Beisner from the Zen Dog. We needed that level of help. As Tyson’s scheduled euthanasia got closer we started to panic and thought surely there was someone like a Caser Millan or a Matt Beisner that was closer. So we researched further (this was our Hail Mary). We came across reviews from K9 League in Dallas. The stories in the reviews sounded exactly like ours. We immediately called and spoke with Amber. We called with the intention of hopefully being able to pay for Tyson to go through training and then be rehomed. At least we could give him a shot at life. Amber was amazing and reassured us that they could help him and find him a new home. So we scheduled a drop off time with Tyson’s new trainer, Chris Vasquez. We drove 4 hours to Dallas and cried a lot on the way knowing we had to say goodbye to Tyson for good but also knowing we were giving him a chance. Chris was great at explaining everything and walking us through the process. We said goodbye and then waited.

Chris called and said Tyson definitely did not have to be euthanized and was doing great with training and was actually not an aggressive dog and he could help him. We were so grateful! Shortly after we got another call from Chris saying Tyson was doing so well that he didn’t have to be rehomed and he could come back home!!! What?! It wasn’t even on our radar as a possibility. We found it hard to believe. Chris had us drive out to work with Tyson several times. Then it was time for Tyson to come home. Chris drove Tyson 4 hours to Tulsa, OK and stayed overnight and worked with our entire family and our friends on techniques in handling him.

The result has been nothing short of miracle.

Tyson is a completely different dog. He is relaxed, content, and happy. Chris figured out all the things that were making him react the way he was and taught us how to minimize those things and how to give him structure and the tools to communicate with him. We are thrilled with the results!!!

Yesterday our 2 year old granddaughter sat next to him and giggled while he gave her a kiss. This was an impossibility a few months ago.

Tyson is alive and back home today because of K9 League.

Chris Vasquez has years of experience and an amazing rare gift with dogs. His understanding of dog behavior and ability to help them develop confidence using positive techniques is on another level! (think Cesar Millan or Matt Beisner) We know that if we had followed through with euthanizing Tyson that we would have been forever altered. Instead we get to celebrate this Christmas with full hearts!! We are forever grateful to K9 League and for Chris Vasquez for giving us back our sweet Tyson!!!
– Melissa Luiskutty


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