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Our Dog No Longer Fears Strangers…

To elaborate on what my fiancée wrote below, our dog Beanie, a 2-3y/o German Shepherd, became very fear reactive about a week after we picked him up at the Fort Worth Animal Shelter. At first, it was low growling at strangers and slowly developed into insane panic attacks especially after seeing any dog. He would snap at any foreign person that came near us and would go into full panic mode at the sight of a dog. However, in the home with us he was clearly a wonderful dog with a huge heart and full of love. He did resource guard his toys and growled at my fiancé a few times. We honestly were not sure what to do, because we had tried multiple ideas none of which were working. We couldn’t have people over which was a concern because we eventually needed someone to walk him on occasion. Fast forward to discovering K9 League on google. We had actually tried calling and contacting multiple other trainers around us, one of whom was very rude to us, and the others had no availability due to COVID. So we were literally freaking out and not sure if we’re even going to be able to keep our sweet boy whom we had fallen in love with. Finding K9 League, Amber, and Chris has been the utmost blessing of 2020. I believe they have saved us with Frobenius.

Chris spent 2 long months working with him privately and with us going to visit him weekly to do training sessions with Chris and Beanie. Chris spent time socializing him more and showing him that people are not dangerous. Chris has also followed up his training with visits to our house and contact when we need him. The protection aspect of me and my fiancé has gone away. They are incredible and I highly recommend them especially if you have a puppers with reactivity, separation anxiety, or just basic training. Our dog no longer fears strangers and is making friends right and left! We even get compliments on his good behavior/training in our apartment complex from our neighbors who previously knew him as that one scary dog (even though he’s really just a big fluffball of love).

K9 league and Chris have enabled us to grow as dog parents and to give our dog a better life. I will warn you that it’s a two way street – we have had to do our part when we got home. We train with him every day now! He has maintained all of his manners and we just love him so much! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Chris, K9 League, and Amber!!!!
– Gabrielle Spotz

Chris and Amber are the best. Our German Shepherd was extremely reactive and after 8 weeks with Chris, our dog came home completely different. He was the same loving, funny, playful fur-ball, but his reactivity was gone and his confidence was through the roof. Most importantly, he’s still confident and well behaved. Thanks so much y’all!
– Rang Dipkin


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